FAQ: How do I file a detailed bug report?

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FAQ: How do I file a detailed bug report?

Post by Admin » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:17 pm

Detailed bug reports should be sent to feedback@xtorrent.com. The best bug reports include a handful of attached files, and so are best handled over email.

In your email, please provide a detailed description of what the issue is and an explanation of how the behaviour differs from expectations. Also provide some information about what Mac OS version and type of hardware you are using.

Additionally, please zip up these three files and include them with your report:
1) the contents of your ~/Library/Application Support/Xtorrent/ folder
2) your ~/Library/Preferences/org.xlife.Xtorrent.plist file
3) a console log taken at the time of the issue (found by launching the /Applications/Utilities/Console application)

~ refers to your user directory (eg. /Users/MyAccountName/)

The more detailed the feedback, the more likely it is your issue can be diagnosed and successfully resolved.

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